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US Dollar Index 40 min charts.

Before & After.

US Dollar Index 40 min chart update.

Here are US Dollar Index 40 min charts clearly showing that the weakness was coming and it did sending EUR-USD, AUD-USD and GBP-USD up and USD-JPY down. You could have made 300 + pips by taking those two entries showing in GBP-USD 20 min chart.

US Dollar Index weekly chart update.

Before & After.

When US dollar index  goes down, It gets weaker sending EU, GU. NU and AU up and UF, UC and UJ down.

US Dollar Index 40 min chart. Went up to the pip.

Before & After.

USD Index 40 min chart analysis and GU trade.

When USD Index bounces from a level and goes up, USD gets strong sending EU & GU down. I tweeted earlier that USD Index has hit the # 0219 and may bounce and it did giving me GU and EU short trades.

Before & After & Trade.


And here is my GBP-USD trade