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GBP-USD 5 min chart Magic Wave Entries on Friday Sep-19-2014

GBP-USD bounced and went up to 78.6 % fib retracement on the H4 chart and start to drop again on Friday some real good Magic Wave Entries.

18 GBPUSD  M5  09-19-14

EUR-USD 5 min Entry on 09-19-2014

EUR-USD is in a down trend lately. Volatility in the Forex Market is coming back.All you had to do is to wait for the short setup and pull the trigger. This Magic Wave Strategy is easy to use with my analysis. Come and join us to learn it today.

17  EURUSD  M5  09-19-14

USD-JPY Trade Seup & Trade using Magic Wave Strategy

Before & After.

USD-JPY was going for 109.00 to touch the TL. On Friday Sep 19, 2014, Price hit the Target. Subscribe and get these Before charts and trade with confidence.

12  uj  monthly  09-11-14  Before16  uj  monthly  09-18-14  after ( 109 target hit )7  USDJPY  M5  09-17-14

US Dollar Index H4 Chart Setup Update

Before & After.

Us Dollar Index going down means USD will get weaker and cause USD pairs like EU, GU, AU etc. go up. When USDX make a turn, you look for proper entries in these pairs.

29 usdlfx  h4  before  03-11-14eu  5 min 03-12-1430 usdlfx  h4  after  03-13-14

US Dollar Index H4 Chart Update and EUR-USD Trade

Before & After.

US Dollar index going down means Dollar gets weaker. As a reaction, USD pairs have a chance to go up specially EUR-USD. My yesterday's EUR-USD Magic Wave Long Entry has produced 120+pips so far

14  usdlfx  h4  02-27-14usdx  h4  02-28-14  ( 2 )eurusd  m5  02-27-14eurusd m15  02-28-2014  3