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JPY Index 29 min Chart Setup Update.

Before & After.

All three trades shown in the previous posts ( GJ, EJ & UJ ) were because of this JPY strength. 

JPY Index 40 min chart update

Before & After & Trades.


JPY Index monthly Chart Update.

Before & After.

In " Before " chart, my final target was 5473 and we made a low of 5495 .This drop in JPY Index means JPY got stronger and as a result, all JPY pairs went down. 

39  LFXJPY  Monthly  01-02-1645  LFXJPY  Monthly  02-24-16. After

JPY Index Weekly Chart Update

Before & After .

29  LFXJPY  Weekly  07-08-15  Before30  LFXJPY  Weekly  07-10-15  After so far

JPY Index & JPY Pairs.

Before & After & Trades.

When JPY Index is going up, JPY gets weaker sending all the JPY pairs up.

68  jpy index  daily chart.  09-15-14    Before70  jpy index  daily chart.  09-17-14    After ( so far )52 gj  15 min entry 09-17-1426  ej 15 min entry  09-17-14