AUD-USD Harmonic Pattern ” Gartley “Trade.

Before & After.

This is how I trade and teach how to trade these Harmonic Patterns. " Look at these " Before " & " After " the trade charts. My subscribers get these " Before " charts in their emails.


53  au  H1  11-11-2014   Before possible Gartley54  au  H1  11-11-2014   After ( Gartley is Done )

GBP-JPY H1 chart Harmonic Pattern Crab Update.

Before & After

58 gj  h1 10-19-14    Possible Crab Pttern in the making60 gj  h1 10-19-14     Crab Pttern ( After )

USDX Weekly Chart BAT Pattern near completion after a year

Before & After.

Harmonic Patterns works on all time frame as well as Elliott Wave. Both are the same thing in diffirent perspective. If you understand both, life become very easy.


102 usd index weekly  09-11-14  Before  ( BAT )  old chart107 usd index weekly  10-03-14  Bat Pattern near completion

JPY Index Daily H4 Chart Update

Before & After & After

Tracking Harmonic Patterns and Elliott Waves step by step. These " Before " charts were sent out to all subscriers.

15   jpyx  h4   03-13-14  beforeBullish BAT with 3 Trades19  jpyx  h4   03-17-14  bat completes20  jpyx  h4   04-03-14

US Dollar Index. One Hour Chart Setup For Direction.

Before & After.

If the Index is going up, it means that the Dollar will get strong and EUR-USD and other usd pairs will go down which they did today.

22 usdlfx  h1 03-04-14  Before23 usdlfx  h1 03-04-14  after