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GBP Index 40 min chart update.

Before & After.

Based on this chart, I went long on both GBP-JPY and GBP-AUD

129-gbpx-40-min-11-28-16-before 133-gbpx-40-min-11-29-16-after

GBP Index 40 min chart.

And this is why GA and GJ went up. GBP was getting strong.

Before and After.

118-gbpx-40-min11-03-16-before 119-gbpx-40-min-11-04-16-after

GBP-USD Trade Using ” Magic IB System


GBP Index Update

Before & After.

All 3 pairs GU, GA & GJ went up nicely. This is the beauty of watching the Index of individual currency. You get to pick and choose your best trade or take all of them. Below, showing only GJ Entry using Magic IB System.

49  gbplfx  H4  09-16-15  before  BAT51  gbplfx  H4  09-17-15  After so far61  GJ Daily  09-17-15  Before  FXCM

GBP Index Weekly Chart Update

Before & After.

10  gbplfx  weekly  01-16-15 Before ( 5th wave )36  gbplfx  Weekly  07-20-15 After