EUR-AUD Trade Using Magic IB System.

125 EA 20 min  02-25-16.  Trade

GBP-USD H4 Chart Trade Setup & Trade ( Elliott Wave Count )

Before & After.

52 gbpusd  H4  09-28-14  Before56 gbpusd  H4  10-06-14  After

EUR-AUD Daily Chart Elliott Wave Count Trade Setup Update

Befor & After.

The knowledge of Elliott Wave Studdy comes handy more then often. Without Elliott Wave, The technical analysis of the Forex market is almost impossble. Harmonic Patterns are also good but they are just another aspect of Elliott Wave.

1 eur-aud  daily 03-09-1441  eur-aud  daily  09-03-14  before  ( 4th wave up )48  eur-aud  daily  09-26-14  After


Tracking the GBP-JPY Step By Step

Before & After & After & After.

All of these charts were sent out to subscribers.

17 gj daily 03-22-14    before22 gj daily 04-02-14    before  . leg e29 gj daily 04-11-14    before  target = 748031 gj daily 04-22-14    after so far

JPY Index Daily H4 Chart Update

Before & After & After

Tracking Harmonic Patterns and Elliott Waves step by step. These " Before " charts were sent out to all subscriers.

15   jpyx  h4   03-13-14  beforeBullish BAT with 3 Trades19  jpyx  h4   03-17-14  bat completes20  jpyx  h4   04-03-14