AUD Index 33 min Chart Setup Update.

Before & After. 

When AUD Index is dropping, AUD Dollar gets weaker and send those AUD pairs down where AUD is on the left hand side like AUD-USD,  AUD-JPY, AUD-CAD and send EUR-AUD & GBP-AUD up where AUD is on the right hand side. 

AUD Index 40 min chart setup update.

Before & After.

This weakness in AUD dollar gave me more than 400 pips in GA alone even though GBP strength was also a factor. Will post the GA charts next. 

AUD Index Daily Chart Update.

AUD-JPY trade using Magic IB System

First 2 charts showing AUD Dollar Index Before & After and the third chart is AUD-JPY trade which I took based on AUD Index charts and using Magic IB System.

Today’s AUD-USD trade using ” Magic IB System “

Below first 2 charts are AUD Dollar Index charts showing the route.  And the third chart is my today's AUD USD trade Using the above charts and " Magic IB System .