AUD Index Daily Chart Update.

AUD-JPY trade using Magic IB System

First 2 charts showing AUD Dollar Index Before & After and the third chart is AUD-JPY trade which I took based on AUD Index charts and using Magic IB System.

Today’s AUD-USD trade using ” Magic IB System “

Below first 2 charts are AUD Dollar Index charts showing the route.  And the third chart is my today's AUD USD trade Using the above charts and " Magic IB System .

AUD Index 40 min chart update.

Before & After & Before & After & Before.

If it goes down again, AUD will get weaker.

AUD Dollar Index 40 min chart update.

As I mentioned in my last webinar that AUD Index will drop to 5398 and then will bounce from there. In that case EA and GA will drop. That is exactly what happened.

Before & After & Trade.

And here is my EUR AUD trade