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 Welcome to my " Magic IB System " Page.

Please watch the video below to know all about the Magic IB System & subscription.

Subscribing to my website will allow you to get the following.

 Live Webinars

 I conduct live webinars where I teach from the very basics of Forex trading like setting up a Forex account to the advanced harmonic patterns and Elliot Waves analysis. It is very important to learn at least a little bit of all the technical aspects of this business of trading Forex market. I also recap the market and do live analysis in front of you and also give you "Before" charts with trade setups and turning points. Below are a few things which you will learn in my webinars.

1. My New Magic IB System and how it works.    

2. How to do technical analysis on monthly, weekly, and daily charts.

3. How to draw Trend Lines properly.

4. How to make Channels and how to use them.

 5. How to fix FIB tool and how to use it properly.

 6. How to identify S&R levels and use them in your trading.

7. Which are the best Candle Stick Formations that can be used.

8. Harmonic Patterns and how to identify and trade them creatively.

9. Elliott Wave structure and how to identify and calculate them.

Below are the charts showing trades taken using my " Magic IB System " during the week between 6th Aug and 10th Aug, 2018.

Below are the charts showing trades taken using my " Magic IB System " during the week between 30th July and 3rd Aug, 2018.

Below are GBP-CAD's Before, & After & charts.

And below are few trades I took on GBP-CAD based on above  charts. 

Below are EUR-CAD's Before, & After & Trade charts.

Above is a EUR-CAD weekly chart which I made and gave it to my subscribers.

And above is the weekly chart of EUR-CAD as of today 04-21-18.

And below are few trades I took on EUR-CAD based on above weekly charts.

Below are USD-CAD's Before, & After & Trade charts.

Below are CAD-JPY's Before, & After & Trade charts.


Learning is the KEY in this business. In my webinars, you will learn how to find these exact S&R levels and then take a precise entry using my Magic IB System. How to locate Harmonic Pattern before finishing and how to trade them creatively and also how to calculate Elliott Wave accurately and take Magic IB Setups after confirmation. So, go ahead and


Now that you have seen what this subscription is all about and what you are going to get from it, it is time for you to decide if it is of any use to you. If you are doing well in your Forex trading already, then you do not need to subscribe and just continue with whatever you are doing. But if you are not doing well and want to learn and need to get those  "BEFORE " charts with trade setups so that you can open your trades accordingly using my " Magic IB System "then go ahead and Subscribe.

Hope to see you in my next webinar and wish you all the best in Forex Trading and in your whole Life.