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USD-CHF Trade On Sep. 6

USD-CHF Trade Using “Magic IB System”.

USD-CHF Weekly Trade Setup Update

Before & After.

Before chart was sent out to all Subscribers.

4  USDCHF  Monthly  01-11-15  Before5  USDCHF  Monthly  01-15-15  Before



USD-CHF 4 Hour Chart Trade Setup Update

Before & After.

When you subscribe my website, you get these BEFORE charts in your email to trade.

24 uf   H4  10-29-14  Before ( Gartley ) 25 uf   H4  10-30-14  After ( so far ) ( Gartley )

Swiss Frank Index Update.

Before & After.

When Index goes down, USD-CHF should go up and that is what exactly happened for the last 3 weeks.

13 chflfx  daily  08-14-14  before16 chflfx  daily  09-06-14  After15 uf  daily 09-06-14