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AUD-USD Trade Using “Magic IB System”.

AUD-USD Harmonic Pattern ” Gartley “Trade.

Before & After.

This is how I trade and teach how to trade these Harmonic Patterns. " Look at these " Before " & " After " the trade charts. My subscribers get these " Before " charts in their emails.


53  au  H1  11-11-2014   Before possible Gartley54  au  H1  11-11-2014   After ( Gartley is Done )

Today’s AUD-USD Magic Wave Entries.

In my video yesterday, I explained that AUD-USD will go down and it did giving us few Magic Wave Entries.

1  AUDUSD  M5  11-10

AUD-USD Monthly Chart Update

Before & After.

Subscribe today if you like to have these " Before " charts with trade setups in your email ahead of time to trade theym. You do need an edge in this Forex Market.

22  au  monthly 05-22-2014   before46  au  monthly  09-22-2014   After ( so far )

AUS-USD H4 Chart Trade Setup Update.

Before & After.


32  au  h4  08-25-2014   before33  au  h4  08-28-2014   after ( so far )