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AUD Dollar Index 40 min chart update.

As I mentioned in my last webinar that AUD Index will drop to 5398 and then will bounce from there. In that case EA and GA will drop. That is exactly what happened.

Before & After & Trade.

And here is my EUR AUD trade





AUD Index 20 min charts

Before & After.

AUD Index is back up to 5741 again for the 5th time. Lets see if it can break this level and go up. If it does will send EA and GA down.


AUD dollar Index 40 min chart setup update

Before & After.

AUD dollar getting strong sending GA and EA down

152-audx-40-min-10-10-16-before 156-audx-weekly-10-14-16-after


AUD-Index weekly chart update

Before & After.

107  AUDX  weekly 04-19-16  Before. Gartley112  AUDX  weekly 05-07-16  After


AUD Dollar Index Update.

Before & After.

Now you know why I was going long in EA and GA.

87  AUDX  Daily 01-02-16  Before91  AUDX  Daily 01-07-16  After so far