Today’s GBP-JPY Trade Using “Magic IB System.” Learn and Repeat.

Today's GBP-JPY Trade, Today’s GBP-JPY Trade Using “Magic IB System.” Learn and Repeat.

Today’s GBP-JPY Trade Using “Magic IB System”. Learn and Repeat. This is a system that allows you to get a very precise entry after a confirmation. The SL is usually 13 pips. This system gives multiple entries within a move as you can see in the above picture. Once learned, it is very easy to make anywhere from 50 to 100 + pips a day. When you subscribe, you will get all the Indicators, the EAs, the templates and videos about how to set up these charts very easily. I will also help ( If needed ) over the skype in setting up these charts on your computer. You will also be attending webinars twice a week where I not only teach this system but everything that has to do with Forex including Elliott Waves and Harmonic patterns. The entry setup shows up in different pairs in the same manner. Visit my website where you will see hundreds of trade with the same setup every single day. I also post heads up about these setups on my telegram channel for my subscribers. Don’t forget to watch my weekly recap video.

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