Make more than 500 pips a week easily using my ” Magic IB system. “

Make more than 500 pips a week using myMagic IB System.” I use pairs which are big mover with an Avg. 60 days range of at least more than 100 pip. Hence more chance of making a good amount of pips. In other words, The daily range is the number of pips a pair moves in a whole day. When you signup for my monthly subscription, you will be attending webinars twice a week where you will be learning about this system and how to use it properly.

We all know that the Forex market is open 24 hours.
But, one should keep in mind that there are certain factors that if you do not pay attention to, they can cost you a lot. Let me tell you about a few of the most important ones. However, it is important to learn all about Forex before starting live trading.

Make more than 500 pips a week. Important Factors.

  1. Time of the day.
    There are times when some pairs move a lot and some just do not move but fall into the ranging mode. we need to know why? VOLUME
  2. Fundamentals, News
    Because of the fact that news is what moves the market, we need to be aware of the economic calendar which gives us a schedule of the different news about different currencies.
  3. Previous Weekly highs and lows.
    Previous monthly and weekly highs and lows are the keys to this business. You should always draw this #s on your entry charts. These highs and lows are the major S & R levels.
  4. Trend lines and channels on higher time frames.
    knowing how to draw a trendline properly is a must. If you draw a trendline wrongly, it can cost you dearly. Channels are also very important.
  5. Previous Patterns.
    Includes Harmonic patterns as well as Elliott Wave study.
    A Forex trader should know a little bit if not too much about these studies.
  6. Long term and short term trends of all the pairs you like to trade.
  7. And last but not least a Trading System.

When you join me, you will learn how to check all these factors within 10 minutes. You will be provided with all the indies and EAs and also the templates required to make your trading profitable. Please watch the video below ( If you have not watched it yet ) to see how I predicted the possible trades and then I took those trades for more than 200 pips in one day. Once learned, you can do the same.

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