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USD-CHF H4 Chart Trade Setup & Trade

Before & After.

Before chart was sent out to all subscribers.

usdchfh46 h4 01-15-14

USD-CHF Weekly Chart Update

Before & After.

8 weekly 05-20-13BIG H&S #  256 uf weekly 01-08-14. for website

USD-CHF Trade Setup & Trade

Analysis & Trade.

Before chart was sent out to all Subscribers.

54 weekly 12-31-1355 uf 15 min entry 01-02-14

USD-CHF Daily Chart Trade Setup Update.

Before & After.

36 daily 10-26-1343  uf  daily 11-04-13  after

USD-CHF H4 Chart . Cant get better than this.

Before & After.

First I said it will go up from that yellow Inverted Head & Shoulder pattern to that white band and it did exactly that then, I said it will drop to that TL and it dropped more than I thought. Then, I said it will go up to this sloping TL and guess what, it just did it. This pair is listening to me like a good boy.