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Today’s USD-CAD Trade Using “Magic IB System”.

USD-CAD Trade Using “Magic IB System”.

Usually I don't trade this pair but since my usual pairs were not moving and we had a news for CAD this morning so I took this entry

ToDay’s USD-CAD Trade Using ” Magic IB System “

USD-CAD Trade Setup Update

Before & After.

They say " Follow the Price "  and I say " Make the Price follow you "

11 usdcad  h4    08-08-14  Before13 usdcad  h4    08-18-14  before14 usdcad  h4    08-21-14  after so far

USD-CAD Daily Chart Update.

Before & After.

11 usdcad  h4    08-08-14  Before12 usdcad  h4    08-15-14  after  EW 4th wave