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JPY Index analysis & Trades in JPY pairs.

Analysis & Trades.

When JPY Index  goes up, JPY gets weaker and send all the JPY pairs up.

36  jpy index  daily  04-27-14    beforegbpjpym5eurjpym5

JPY Index Daily Chart Update

Before & After.

21  jpyx  daily   04-03-14  before24  jpy index  daily chart  04-08-14  after

JPY Index H4 Chart BAT Pattern is complete.

We just hit 5830 to the pip to finish the BAT Pattern.

18 jpyx  h4   03-14-14  bat completes

GBP-JPY Trade based on JPY Index.

If you like to get these Before charts with trade setups in your email and/or twitter before the trade happens, then Subscribe. Before chart was sent out to all Subscribers.

15   jpyx  h4   03-13-14  before16   jpyx  h4   03-13-14  after


JPY ( YEN ) INDEX Daily Chart Setup Update.

Before & After.

I have also sent out similar charts with setups in JPY pairs to all subscribers.

7  lfxjpy daily  02-03-1410 jpyx  daily 02-11-14  after