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"What Is Creative Harmonic Trading ?"

It's a proven method of Forex trading with a huge number of our subscribers using it on daily basis all over the world. It's based on technical analysis and it's applied on forex charts using Harmonic Patterns like Bat, Gartley, Crab, and Butterfly patterns while indicators further confirming the entry points. It's not like only indicators or EAs that you just sit back and watch without knowing what's happening behind the scenes with your blood pressure rising and your account falling. In this method you see the entry points realistically revealed with calculated control over entries and exits according to your needs while obtaining serious results. 


"What Is Magic IB System ?"

This is our latest trading system based on EA, indicators and templates with underlying strategic calculations. This has been designed for both MT4 (MetaTrader 4) and Trading Station platforms separately to suit your requirements. This system is the essence of our long acquired knowledge, experience and back-testing and has been proved highly successful also by our numerous clients. 

The unique feature of this system is that it takes away the distracting volatility from the charts and gives you clear entry and exit points with IB (Inside Bar) and our custom indicators further confirming the entries. In addition, the above Creating Harmonic Trading patterns that you draw up in MT4 also confirm your entries in Magic IB System. Finally, with our ready made "Before" charts you can enter a trade with peace of mind and being in full control and maximum accuracy. 

Magic IB System automates your trading to the desired level taking control of all the technical and volatility issues and gives you the control to tackle the unstructured nature of the Forex market so that you can enter and exit a trade as and when needed, peacefully and profitably. 


Here's how Creative Harmonic Trading system works ...

1. You learn from the Creative Harmonic Trading & Magic IB System Video Course to set up your account, charts, and our indicators.

2. Next, you also learn how to pin point the developing Harmonic Patterns like Bat, Gartley, Crab, and Butterfly in different currency charts and time frames.

3. You then identify and calculate to apply all the tools on the charts as learned in the course and draw up Harmonic Patterns on the charts in MT4. 

4. At the same time you join our 2 weeks free subscription to receive training and to watch and learn technical analysis in our live webinars on developing setups in the Forex market with ready made "Before" charts available for you to trade.

5. Finally you can enter a trade with our Magic IB System when you see such confirmation from our Creative Harmonic Patterns, indicators, and our "Before" charts.


Here's how Magic IB System works ...

 1. First of all, you watch the videos in the course and setup an account with your preferred broker and platform that is, either MT4 or TradingStation.

2. Next, you install our EA, indicators, templates on your platform.

3. You then attend our live webinars on training or watch our previous recorded webinars with your 2 week free subscription to learn how to identify potential trades using Creative Harmonic Patterns as well and clear up your questions.

4. Finally, you enter a trade when you see confirmations from Creative Harmonic Patterns, indicators, and IBs (Inside Bars). Moreover, our ready made "Before" charts pin point potential developing trades in the market with clear entry points. 


The above two systems work with all currency pairs and time frames with 20 pips stop loss preventing you from otherwise potential loss in this business.


Below are a few of our charts with Harmonic Patterns and Magic IB System that you learn in this course to calculate and trade in Forex and we also send you these "BEFORE" charts with developing setups in the Forex market during your bonus 2 week subscription with the purchase of this course.


Bearish Crab Pattern with 3 Trades


See how I applied Crab Harmonic Pattern on an MT4 chart below and forecast the entry point.

60 GA daily 07-01-15 Before



Then I entered the trade using Magic IB System with indicators confirming the trade and secured 100 + pips.

61 GA 5 min 07-01-15 entry



See the completion of the above Crab Harmonic Pattern and the accuracy of the forecast.

64 GA daily 07-03-15 After




Now see how I applied Gartley Harmonic Pattern in MT4 and forecast the c to d leg. 

19 GJ trade 03-02-15 Before



Then again using Magic IB System, I entered a trade after confirmation from the above chart & indicators and made 249 pips. 

24 GJ H1 trade 03-07-15 After ( So Far ).


We can see the completion of the above trade and my forecast in "Before" chart in the "After" chart below. You receive these charts in your email as well.

28 GJ Daily 03-13-15 After ( So Far ) TL Touched


Another application of Butterfly Harmonic Pattern in MT4 and my forecast in "Before" chart.

3 gbpjpy daily 02-04-14


Look at the accuracy of my Creative Harmonic Trading forecast.

6 gj daily 02-18-14 butterfly after touching tl



What you will receive in this course!

"The finest tool in the world still needs a MAN who KNOWS how to use it."

As such, after this course you will know, learn and would be able to confidently apply the tools that are necessary to forecast and profitably trade in Forex. In this video course, you will receive the following:

1. Ten comprehensive videos on Creative Harmonic Trading & Magic IB System.

2. Magic IB System EAs, indicators, and templates.

3. Free subscription for 2 weeks in which you will attend live webinars, receive ready made "Before" charts in email to copy the trade, and can access our previous webinars for training and for developing setups.


This video course together with our 2 week subscription will be substantial enough to start you off and establish in Forex market with confidence and you would be able to convert your losses into profits in a controlled manner. We wish you good luck in your trading and look forward to seeing you aboard.


You can't go wrong with this incredible offer!


We're so absolutely sure that Creative Harmonic Trading Video Course will help your Forex trading that we're offering an unconditional, NO-question-asked 60-day money back guarantee.

You have nothing to lose!


100 % Money Back Guarantee

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