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JPY Index 40 min chart.


JPY Index is at 5482 and the target is 5473. At 5473, it will bounce and all JPY pairs will reverse and start to go up. JPY Index going up means JPY will get weaker and will send all JPY Pairs up.

JPY Index 40 min chart update

Before & After & Trades.


JPY Index 40 min chart setup update.

This is the reason that all JPY pairs went up. These are JPY Index charts. When JPY starts to get weaker, all JPY pairs will go up.

JPY Index and EUR-JPY Trade.

Because of this JPY weakness, all JPY pairs went up.  Here is one.

JPY Index 20 min chart setup update

Before & After.

This chart helped me take all those long trades in JPY pairs like EUR-JPY, GBP-JPY, CAD-JPY, AUD-JPY and CHF-JPY