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GBP-Index 40 min charts.

Before & After.

Because of this GBP-Index chart setup, I was able to pull all three trades today including GU, GJ and GA. for around 300 pips.

GBP-Index 40 min charts

Before & After.

GBP-Index 40 min chart.

Before & After.

This is the reason GJ & GA went up.



GBP Index and GBP-JPY

Although JPY Index is the Key driver of GBP-JPY going down but GBP Index also helped a lot. So Far GBP-JPY trade is over 200 pips.

Before & After

US Dollar Index Daily Chart Update.

Before & After.

When the US Dollar Index goes down, USD gets weaker sending EU, AU, and GU up and UF, UC and UJ down.